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Preserving The Virtue Of Filial Piety In Modern Times

Ancestral worship in the form of ancestral tablets is a Chinese tradition that dates back to the ancient Shang Dynasty. Ancestral tablets in the past usually take central position at the altar of traditional Chinese homes. It is a sacred item that is synonymous with the virtue of filial piety.

The passage of time is changing the way we pay homage to our ancestors and families may nto necessarily have the resources of time or space to honour their ancestors at home. The installation of ancestral tablets in Nirvana’s various memorial parks are good alternatives for families who encounter such restraints. In an effort to promote the virtuous tradition of honouring our ancestors while accommodating modern lifestyles at the same time, we offer thoughtful Memorial Tablets that are installed in an elegant, air-conditioned setting, surrounding graceful altars dedicated to divinities and enlightened beings.

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